Organizing Tips

3 Efficient Office Tips

Organized Work Space = Productive Workflow

1) Letter Tray for desk to keep incoming and outgoing items organized
2) Desk Drawer organizer for paperclips, rubber bands, pens, etc
3) Trash Can to prevent any unwanted clutter

3 Efficient Kitchen Tips

Organized Kitchen = Happy Home

1) Organize your kitchen into work zones, to create the most adequate time spent
* Consumables
* Non-Consumables
* Prep
* Cleaning
* Cooking

2) See-through containers

3) For hard to reach areas install lazy susan, roll-out pantry,  sliding spice rack

3 Efficient Closet Tips

Organized Closet = Smooth Morning

1) Categorically Organize by like items 

2) Shelf Dividers to separate items and prevent topple-overs 

3) Space Savers such as staggering shoes, door hooks, extra rod